Щоб усунути мафію від влади - 

треба конфіскувати її гроші


In 2013, I painted on Yanukovych’s t-shirt with a spot on my forehead and signed:” Mafia is mortal “. I was in it at all rallies until it disappeared after my beating.

Yanukovych really created a Ukrainian analogue of the mafia. Maidan did not eradicate this phenomenon. At the end, the simple mafia’s ideology – to make money unites many. “The Former” continues to be influential in Ukraine, as puppets are pulled together by politicians, officials, journalists, and the public.


Portnov, in the name of Ukraine, will decide whether the Yanukovych’s assets were legally confiscated

On December 13 at 11:00, Yanukovych’s lawyers at the Court of Cassation (13/1, Riznitskaya Street) will try to challenge the confiscation of $ 1.5 billion in the budget of Ukraine. And I must say that the state system has come to the end if Yanukovych’s clique managed to pass the appeal to the “own” judge, which was filed by a lawyer of the Yanukovych regime Andriy Portnov.


Eurasia. Why does ‘granoid’ work to Portnov?

This investigation is an attempt to find out why in a public environment of Ukraine organized a terrible resistance to so-called “special confiscation”. The aim of the “special confiscation” is simple and fair to return $1.5 billion into the State budget, which has been stolen by Yanukovych, but arrested in the Ukraine after Maidan. This is a very big money even in the State. Why would be against? It is an investigation of the responses that I have received, in particular of the impact of Andrii Portnov.

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