Eurasia. Why does ‘granoid’ work to Portnov?


This investigation is an attempt to find out why in a public environment of Ukraine organized a terrible resistance to so-called “special confiscation”. The aim of the “special confiscation” is simple and fair to return $1.5 billion into the State budget, which has been stolen by Yanukovych, but arrested in the Ukraine after Maidan. This is a very big money even in the State. Why would be against? It is an investigation of the responses that I have received, in particular of the impact of Andrii Portnov.


As after the Maidan, the tool of returning the assets of the ‘former’ fell into the hands of Portnov. How did this happen?

This story dates back to the time of Prime Minister Tymoshenko, when Portnov was hired to represent the interests of the state of Kazakhstan in the so-called BTA-Bank case, which was nothing more than a massacre of Nursultan Nazarbayev over Mukhtar Ablyazov, who is a Kazakh oligarch and his political rival.

During the reign of Yanukovych, Ablyazov was arrested in Italy at the request of the state of Ukraine, which was organized by Portnov. Then Portnov helped to return to Kazakhstan assets of Ablyazov, which were invested in Ukraine. He helped with all his family. In particular, Portnov’s sister, who is a judge of the Pechersk Court, legalized the transfer of $ 400 million to Kazakhstan.

Portnov filled the ‘international’ of the GPO with his staff for many years to control at the General Prosecutor’s Office on the case of Ablyazov, which gave him reason to assure the officials of Kazakhstan that they should not refuse of his services after the Maidan. Like, he is able to continue to hold on his people to positions and ensure the immutability of the line of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. And it is not even a problem that Kazakhstan recognized the annexation of the Crimea.

It’s very convenient for Andriy Portnov, that Prosecutor General’s Office was headed by the representative of Liberty Igor Makhnitsky after the Maidan, because in the Lviv regional council in the Freedom faction, the father of the faithful ‘seamstress’, the author of the dictatorial laws of People’s Deputy – Volodymyr Pylypenko, worked as a deputy.

Portnov lobbied his Deputy General Prosecutor to keep an eye on the Ablyazov’s case by Pylypenky. He put a man with experience who has already worked with Portnov in the GPO, in the same case of BTA-Bank in 2009-2010.

So Vitaliy Kasko has appeared in the GPO….. Portnov’s hand! As a deputy from the “international” in the General Prosecutor’s Office – it is not only the case of Ablyazov, but also the return of assets of the “former”, the portman Portnov sat on golden eggs and, of course, did not return a penny. And how could Portnov manage to return the stolen by “Yanukovych”? Bees against honey? Shameless inactivity Kasko covered active communication with the western embassies, “granoids”, Leshchenko’s collective. The only message that Kasko transmitted – “betrayal, the general prosecutor’s office betrays everything.” Over time in the Kasko’s rhetoric changed only the names of the public prosecutors: at first Kasko talked about the betrayal of Machnitsky, then Jarema, then Shokin. A special cynicism was that often the author of the “betrayal” was Kasko by himself. However, he put talentedly his losers of the international affairs of the Prosecutor General’s Office on their leaders. I became a witness when Kasko did not send an international legal order to the Latvian General Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the case of Kurchenko in accordance with his official duties, but all his circle of communication secretly learned that Shokin was blocking Latvia.

Thanks to the “floods” from the General Prosecutor’s Office, he became entrusted with Leshchenko, became friends and twirled with him and his friends, as he wished. So gradually our army of Portnov grew. And the Kasko’s example clearly demonstrates that the PR and support of TV channel owners in the modern conditions are more important than the concrete result. After all, Casco did not return a penny of assets, but became a national hero and almost did not make a terrific career anticorruption prosecutor or even the Attorney General. The only thing that prevented such narcissism was the greed: he “failed” on the taking of an official VIR-apartment.


However, Casco was not the only cartridge in the Portnov’s gun about the recovery of blocking asset. Portnov integrated a complete list of his staff in state and public structures.

In particular, let’s pay attention to the law firm “Arzinger” – another call “Portnov’s community”.

FIRST: I would remind you that Kasko was a partner of this law firm in 2013.

SECOND: While working at the General Prosecutor’s Office, Kasco hid the protocol of the Dresden investigation into the interrogation, in which he argued that the Ukrainian Arzinger had accompanied the curtailment schemes of Mr Kurchenko in Austria. ;

THIRD: Pay attention to the location of the elegant office of “Arzinger”. It occupies the 5th floor of the Eurasia Business Center.

This is precisely the business center that, according to the orders of the Kazakhs, Portnov personally “repulsed” from Ablyazov in the case of BTA-Bank. There is still an office of the Ukrainian BTA-Bank, whose leadership has been working with people from the nearest Portnov’s habitat since 2009. Can I believe that the Arzinger’s office is here haphazard? And if it adds to that, that personally Portnov arranged Caska in “Arzinger” in 2013 … All this is just a coincidence? Still, Arzinger – is the company which is not alien to Portnov?

FOURTH: While ruling of Yanukovych, “Arzinger” provided legal support to a whole range of megaculture schemes of the Family, and it seems that exactly Portnov threw the orders on the fifth floor of «Eurasia».

So Kasko and the other “arzingers” rifled corruption schemes before the Maidan, and after it, the same lawyers, with the support of “useful dulls,” switched to protect their stolen assets. “Arzingers” involved to the state structures to protect the old schemes, if is not on positions, then for public councils. Also, ” Portnov’s community ” was integrated into the “granoids” organization.

For example, Timur Bondarev, Managing Partner of Arzinger, became a member of Transparency International of Ukraine (this organization is considered to be the most influential anticorruption expert among the embassies of Western countries). After the dismissal of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Casco joined Kaspersky’s administration of Transparency. Sergey Leshchenko has been a public speaker of Transparency since then. Thanks to such communicators, Portnov wins of Leshchenko.

The culmination of the activity of all this Portnov’s criminal group with all its conscious and unconscious members was the blockade of “special confiscation” of the arrested assets.

I repeat it one more time, if someone did not pay attention: Portnov’s group of lawyers blocked the “special confiscation” because it was about the funds that were stolen by these people, but they weren’t stolen totally.

After all, if we talk about those billions, a law on “special confiscation” was initiated for the sake of returning to the state budget, then, first of all, we are talking about money arrested in the state JSC “Oschadbank” in the Arbuzov’s case on the accounts of an entire list of offshore. Their names can be found in the Uniform List of Court Decisions. Specifically here:

However, if we analyze the information around these firms, it turns out that Arbuzov was only a manager in the scheme of enrichment of the Family.

After all, two British offshore from the “Arbuzov’s list” in the Latvian Privatbank, connected with a group of companies that have Yanukovych’s helicopter site on the Dnipro slopes, Yanukovych’s cottage in Crimea, sold to Ukraine by so-called “Boyko’s towers”.

The other three companies – Kviten, Sabulong and Quickpace from the “Arbuzov’s list” who bought bonds in the state “Ukreximbank”, in 2013, transferred them to a pledge for a loan to Kurchenko’s company “Vektek Media Invest”.

In the accounts of all the aforementioned companies, funds were also seized in Latvia. And I remind you, Kasco personally blocked cooperation with the Latvian investigation.

Kasko as a partner of “Arzinger” in 2013, he “do” those schemes of money cleaning. This is evidenced by official information from the tax bases for VAT payments. Imagine, the largest client of “Arzinger ” officially was Kurchenko’s company – Ltd. “Ukrenerhorynok” in 2013. Moreover, this is not Kurchenko’s ordinary firm, it can be called “the purse of the Family”. The stolen money in dozens of schemes were transferred to the accounts of this company. What are the schemes? Everyone can find this information in the Unified Register of Judgments. What are the sums? According to the financial statements for 2012 – 1 billion dollars, in 2013, the company did not give a report, but sure, there appeared a much larger amount.

And there is a ruling in the Kashiva’s case (National agency) in the Unified Register of Judgments, which states: “Arzinger” participated in the crime of theft of public funds there, too.

All this bunch of facts is evidence that Arzinger, while Yanukovych was rulling, developed and legally accompanied many corruption schemes. The current well-known “anti-corruptionists” Bondarev and Kasko managed the process. Portnov threw them orders.

Incidentally, all of them – Portnov, Arbuzov, Kurchenko, Kasko – are together fused and continue to keep each other. For example, one more fact on the topic: Valery Prokhorenko is Arbuzov’s Deputy at the NBU, while Yanukovych was rulling, is not in jail or hasn’t even run yet, but heads the Ukrainian branch of BTA-Bank.

And I would remind you that Portnov is still looking for the BTA Bank in the interest of Kazakhstan in Ukraine.

From this I do the first conclusion: it is worth looking for the “Yanukovych’s” billions which were drawn from Ukraine in Kazakhstan.

And the second conclusion is that the biggest obstacle of the returning of the stolen is the strange situation that the “rat’s flock of the former” is under the reliable protection of the “mice’s flock” of the current Euro-optimists, demagnetics, anti-corruption officers, youth reformers and other grantees.

A vivid proof of this is the blocking of the law on special confiscation by the collective Leshchenko. The same was necessary for Portnov to “outsource useful dulls”!

Here is a comparison: this is the news from Leshchenko on the site of “Ukrpravda” against special confiscation, and along with the statement of Volodymyr Pylypenko, who is a “Portnov’s”, the author of the dictatorial laws, who was employed Kasko to the Prosecutor General’s Office. Pay attention – it’s total plagiarism!


However, Olena Tyshchenko’s story is a particularly striking demonstration of that “grantsozherami” is managing by Portnov.

In the summer of 2015, she was appointed, in particular, by my efforts, as head of the newly created department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for asset recovery.

And such a rise of persecution! Portnov began it all, he posted the photos of the Tishchenko’s house abroad. And although Elena as a lawyer worked abroad and earned this house, too, not in Ukraine, “grantors” “snapped” Elena for a month. The Facebook’s community noisily celebrated her release, most of all, Portnov was happy at Facebook.

And now reveal to you a secret: the reason that it broke was the same why I lobbied her for its appointment. She has a unique experience: in 2012-2013 Olena worked as a lawyer in Kazakhstan’s billionaire politician Ablyazov. So, the same Ablyazov, whose assets Portnov “squeezed” in Ukraine. She worked till last – until Putin, at the request of Nazarbayev, did not put a lawyer and mother of four children (the youngest didn’t even talk) into a Moscow prison …

Tishchenko has a unique experience – she knows how Kazakhstan has sued Ablyazov’s assets in Western courts, she knows how to do it for Ukraine.

However, the Portnov’s Kazakh friends were afraid that Tischenko threatened them, Portnov himself knew how effective she was in Ablyazov, and therefore gave the command “faces” to Leshchenko to destroy her.

Moreover, the history of its destruction clearly shows that “mice’s flock” is the sect of grantees.

Leshchenko played the first role in persecuting of Tishchenko. He took off Tishchenko’s house from the Portnov’s page in Facebook and threw a statement to the GPU that he did not appear in the declaration. So he did not even conduct a profound study of the journalist Leshchenko that the house was registered for a law firm, and Tishchenko stated the corporate rights in the declaration. The GPU (Sakvarelidze) instituted the case. After that, donors with a paper on “crime” went to the American Embassy, and they recommended Avakov to dismiss Tishchenko.

Tishchenko came to Sakvarelidze with the question: “What are the grounds for my criminal prosecution?” But Sakvarelidze only looked her eyes and made sure he did not break anything. His assistant helped: “And do you remember that night when you were celebrating, Kasko approached you and asked for your key from the register.” So Kasko filed a lawsuit against Tishchenko with Sakvarelidze’s electronic signature. That is – frank scam! Fake’s case was closed shortly. But it was the basis to release Tishchenko … Is not it the “mice’s flock”?

Leshchenko and his friends can be true statesmen who make life in the country a bit better, but instead they chose the stage – to be Portnov’s dolls and to weave artificial sensations, to block the filling of the state budget, and to finance “defense” with their merits.

P. S.

If I start from Kazakhstan, then I will finish it too. An example of Kazakhstan is really very important for Ukraine.

After all, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who’s the Kazakh ruler, destroyed his political rival Mukhtar Ablyazov in the legal field, in the international courts. Initially, Kazakhstan nationalized BTA-Bank, in essence, the heart of the financial empire of the opposition oligarch. And then, the state-owned bank began to charge Ablyazov’s assets as collateral in Kazakhstan through the international courts. Thus, the official Kazakhstan stripped off the thread of the oppositionist, and in the legal form. (Unless put Nazarbayev to the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office! – Aut.)

Because, as Nazarbayev destroyed Ablyazov, the Ukrainian authorities should have destroyed Yanukovych. The difference is only in motives, and the methods should be the same. After all, Nazarbayev needed to “clean up” the opposition, and we should destroy … no, not opposition, but the enemies of the statehood, who robbed Ukraine, flooded the flames of separatism, and now they help Putin in bloody aggression. We have a holy goal – Ukraine. we must take away the “former” financial resources to protect it, as Nazarbayev took in Ablyazov.

Thus, the official Kazakhstan spent on processes against Ablyazov, about $ 1 billion for the expensive lawyers in European courts, and allowed to those who wanted to “Portnovs” of the world to shake off pieces from the financial empire of Ablyazov, but as a result, the opposition in Kazakhstan disappeared as a phenomenon.

At the same time, I repeat, it is not opposition, but enemies of the country, who are luxurious. “Yanukovych” continue to own unlimited finances. We can not even returned to the budget the assets of the “former”, which have been arrested in Ukraine after Maidan. After all, “former” bought deputies as retail, and wholesale. We see, even politicians born by Maidan, took the fashion to defend Yanukovych’s rights. They cry: “Do not touch the stolen money! We will be punished by the European Court! ” But the president of Kazakhstan was begging for the ECHR, where, of course, Ablyazov filed a complaint “victim of the regime”. And what? And nothing !!! I mean, nothing good for Ablyazov. Of course, Putin played a separate role as a friend of Nazarbayev, he helped all what he could to Kazakhstan on the international arena, even arranged the abduction of Ablyazov’s wife and daughter in Italy. For this, Nazarbayev thanked Putin by recognizing the annexation of the Crimea. Everything is simple as a day: you are me, and I’m you. But we, Ukrainian politicians, are waiting, are thinking about Yanukovych’s rights, we’re losing time and money.

And do not think that I am defending of Ablyazov. Excuse me, the Kazakhs, there is a difficult situation in my country, and I do not worry what’s with your opposition, the authorities and the ex-oligarchs. I’ve never been to Kazakhstan. The maximum that connects me with this country is that I once was lured on the tracks before the train of direction Kiev – Akmola.

As a representative of the Ukrainian authorities, I am appalled by the fact that in Ukraine after the Maidan, there is full support to Portnov in the remit of Kazakhstan’s assets withdrawn in the Kazakh budget, as well as full support for Portnov’s case to prevent the returning of Yanukovych’s assets to our state budget.

Why is “return of assets”, which we do for official Kazakhstan (a complete list of court decisions after the Maidan), we can not do for ourselves – Ukraine. Is Portnov against?


This is a question to Sergey Leshchenko. To the collective Leshchenko, to the whole sect of the so-called “granoids-anti-corruptors- young reformers -chumak-shabunin-kasko-demalyantsi-eurooptimists”, among which he is a moral authority. Why in a single impulse do you work with Portnov’s dark sides?